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Football Food- A Good Gameday Recipe

If your like me , then you too are always looking for something new and good to cook for game days. I love tacos. Tacos-done slow cooker good -are what’s here to try in this recipe. They sound really good topped off with some salsa, sour cream and I like to add celantro. Try them out this weekend for game day and come back and let us know what you and your team at home think of this recipe. Make a side of rice and some pinto beans and you are set to feed those hungry fans. Add some homemade sopapillas and honey. And you will be a winner with your hungry team-:) Yummy!

Sound Yummy, click here for full recipe!


Tebow Time-Great Pictures Of Denver Broncos Fans…Tebowing

Fans Show their support for Tim Tebow by “Tebowing”

Tim Tebow has created fans around the globe. His religous background and hunger to win has many following him. His fans show support by what might now be considered a word…”Tebowing.” I found plenty of fan pictures of them supporting Tim with his now seemingly famous prayer pose. Check out these cool fan pictures.
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I Hate Prevent Defense

I Hate Prevent Defense…


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            I hate prevent defense. Many times a team has dominated the game, then in the end played prevent defense and allowed a team to drive down the field. Is anyone on board with me here?  Why if a team has found a way to control the game, do you change things in the final quarter?  We know the “ole” saying “if something works, no need to fix it.” Right? Not! I find myself asking this question time and time again.  Changing things in  the end of the game after you have held a lead playing a certain type of defense is well…..SILLY in my opinion. You see teams change it up because they are afraid of a big play happening, or don’t want to turn the ball over. “Com-on Man” as Keyshawn Johnson would say. If it has worked all game then….let them play the way it has gone for the game. Yeah, sometimes a big play happens. It seems to me that many times prevent defense leads to a LOSS plain and simple. So just stop it would ya!

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Can Caleb Hanie and Marion Barber Get The Job Done In Chicago?

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 27:  Injured starting q...

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The Chicago Bears are starting their backup quarterback Caleb Hanie and with all the rumors of Bret Farve, Donovan Mcnabb or Kurt Warner coming to Chicago put to rest, their backup quarterback Hanie along with Marion Barber (as they say in Chicago) need to Bear Down and get the job done. Caleb Hanie has played 4 games in 2011 with 29 completions and 60 attempts. He has thrown for 387 yards in those 4 games. He has a completion rate of 48.3 in those games leaving him with a quarterback rating of 40.8. At times I thought Caleb Hanie looked good. He made throws that connected and drove the Bears down the field. On the other hand, his pocket presence seems to be a little on the shady side. He has been sacked a total of 11 times in his last two starts. Concerning Marion Barber, since Matt Forte is out due to injury also, Barber has appeared in 9 games and rushed 76 times with an average of 3.7 yards totaling 281 yards. Marion still seems to have plenty of life and spunk left in him. He can rush and run over people when the O line allows it to happen. In the upcoming game against Denver the Bears Offensive line also need to step it up. Denver has a pretty good defense. On the other side, Can the defense of the Bears stop the newly found NFL star in Tim Tebow? If anyone is up to the challenge it would be Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs and the swarm to the ball Bears defense. It will be a good game.

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