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Twitter DeLove-Short for Twitter Description Love. Descriptions on Twitter that I love and think you will too.

Twitter De-Love-Michael Strahan


Image by Getty Images via @daylife

I love Twitter Descriptions. They can say so much in fewer than 160 characters.

A small message with a big meaning. Not everyone has a great Twitter Description. I probably need to work a little harder on my own Twitter De-Love as I like to call it. Short for Twitter Description Love.

Take Michael Strahan‘s Twitter Description as of today for example:

“If you have a life you don’t have time to hate!!”

Now that says a lot in very few words. Those words lead to some truth.

Where do people find time to hate. I am so busy trying to show my family some love, I am just way too busy to hate.

It takes time to attack people, I realize that everyone is going to have their own opinions, but as a the well known  Keyshawn Johnson would say “c’mon man!”

Get a Life You Haters!

You can visit Strahan’s Twitter Page Here To View His Description and Tweets:!/michaelstrahan

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twitter logo map 09 (Photo credit: The Next Web)

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