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Colts Fans Recieve No Good News On Return Of Manning

Indianapolis Colts

Colts fans have endured a non-winning season so far this season having 0 wins and 12 losses. For Colts fans having a losing record, the return of Payton Manning is on the front burner. With a return of Payton Mannings star quarterback play this season it could catapolt the Colts into a few wins and lead to some excitement for Colts fans at the end of the season. However, the chances of Colts fans seeing the master at the line this season are grim according to an article in the Indianapolis Star provided by Pro Sports Daily. According to the article their is not a timetable for Mannings return and owner Jim Isray is quoted as saying he doesn’t “envision Payton playing this season.” The news is crushing to many Colts fans and this has them looking more forward to next season.

You can read more below  from Pro Sports Daily.

Colts owner Jim Irsay cannot envision Peyton – 12-08-2011

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